About Us

The Print Warehouse has formed business alliances with a select and loyal group of specialist trade printers, each an expert in their chosen field, to provide a high quality service in all the key print sectors at the most competitive prices to be found.

Geoff MarshallGeoff Marshall, Director

Geoff graduated from Oxford University in Engineering and subsequently spent eight years working in the Middle East as an Oilfield Engineer. On returning from abroad he set up in business maintaining and operating photomechanical typesetting machinery and was one of the first to see the potential of the Macintosh when it first appeared in the market.

His experience of Typography dates back to involvement in publication whilst at Oxford, and he has a wide knowledge of both the software and hardware involved preparing artwork files for the printing industry.


Putting the Customer First

We believe that customer relationships are the key to success in any business so The Print Warehouse attaches the highest importance to understanding your needs and to providing a high quality service. Our aim is to be part of your business - an extension of your supply chain.